Recurring Deposit

Recurring Deposit Account

Saving every month a specified amount for a specified period of one year to 10 years is the main feature of Recurring Deposit Account, which otherwise is similar to Fixed Deposit. Best suited for salaried people and regular income groups.

All other features are as applicable to Fixed Deposit Accounts.

SGB-Recurring Deposit
  • Flexibility in period of deposit
  • Low minimum monthly deposit amount.
Term Deposit Interest Rates Apply
  • Rate Of Interest
  • Choose the amount you wish to invest (in multiples of Rs.10/-) and the maturity period
  • Nomination facility - available.

Most Important Terms & Conditions
  • Rate of interest as applicable to Bank’s TDR / STDR for the period of the RD
  • Penalty charges for non Deposit of monthly installments
  • No Cheque Book will be issued
  • Passbooks are issued