SGB Mobile Banking 2.0

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Facilities available in SGB Mobile Banking 2.0

  • User-friendly registration process.
  • Modern look and feel of the Mobile Banking app.
  • Customer can log in with MPIN, INB ID Password, and on-device Bio-Metric.
  • Total Nine Language support and out of them Eight regional languages including Gujarati.
  • Self-Explanatory FAQ section.
  • Account details sharing option providing the customer convenience for the inward transaction requests.
  • Aadhaar number linking facility.
  • Online Nomination registration/updation/cancellation facility for all the eligible accounts i.e. opened online or at branch level.
  • Facility to open/close TDR, SPTDR, RD & Tax Saver Deposit. A facility to 24x7 download of E-Advice is also made available.
  • Option of Spend Analyser to track the debits in a chart form.
  • Customer can make TDS enquiry.
  • Cheque Book Request.
  • Customer can view his/her cheque status viz. Stopped, Presented.
  • Customer can stop and remove the stop on cheques 24x7.
  • Creation / Removal of Standing Instruction.
After Downloading MB 2.0 from Play Store or APP Store, Click on Register > Enter Registered Mobile Number > Enter Account Number > Confirm Account Number > Enter Captcha > Enter OTP. You are now successfully Registered. On next time login, system will ask you to set MPIN, TPIN, Security Questions & Bio-Metric.
You can login MB by using MPIN or Internet Banking ID & Password or By using On Device Bio-Metric (If enabled)
Go to My Accounts > Account Summery and navigate through Primary Accounts, Deposit Accounts, Loan Accounts, Closed Accounts.
Go to My Accounts > Account Statement > Select Account from Drop Down > Select Transaction for Current Period or Specific Period > select view to see transactions on your screen or pdf to download the statement in pdf format. Please note, the statement can be viewed or downloaded 1 year wise. E.g. if customer want statement for last three years then he/she has to view / download for three times.
Go to Fund Transfer > Manage Beneficiary > Enter your TPIN > Select Beneficiary Type i) Within Bank Beneficiary (Beneficiary have account in SGB other than customer’s own accounts) ii) Other Bank Beneficiary (Beneficiary have account in other bank) > Click on add beneficiary Icon > Enter Beneficiary details > Click Submit > Click activate beneficiary > Enter OTP. Your beneficiary is now successfully created. Please Note: Customer cannot transfer more than ₹ 1 lakh / per day for next 72 hours from the time of activation of beneficiary particularly for that beneficiary for security of customers.
There are following four categories while performing transfer of funds. I. Fund Transfer (Own Account): This is to be used while transferring funds to the accounts which are associated in the same CIF i.e. of the same customer. II. Fund Transfer Within Bank: This option will be used when customer is sending fund to the SGB customer only (own account not to be included). III. Other Bank Transfer: When customer is trying to send fund to the person having account in other bank i.e. other than SGB. For this transfer option of IMPS, NEFT, RTGS is available. IV. Quick Transfer: When customer want to transfer the fund without adding beneficiary for intra and interbank both the transfer. The total per day limit for such transfer is only ₹ 10,000.
Go to ATM Card Services > Click on ATM PIN Generation > Select Account number in which ATM card is associated > Select Card Number > Enter new PIN & Confirm PIN > Enter OTP. Your new ATM password is successfully set.
Go to E-Services > Click on Online Nomination > Select Account Number in which customer with to register the Nominee > Fill up the required details > submit and confirm. Your nomination is successfully registered / updated.
Go to E-Services > Click on Online Nomination > Select Cancel Nominee> Select the account number you wish to cancel the nominee > Click submit and Confirm. Your nomination is successfully cancelled.
Go to E-Deposit > Select the kind of deposit you want to proceed i.e. Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, Tax Saver Deposit > Select Debit Account Number > Tick Senior Citizen if you fall under Senior Citizen Category > Select the Tenure and related option > Click Submit > Check and confirm the information > Enter TPIN > Enter OTP and submit. Your e-deposit is successfully created. Kindly click on download to save your e-deposit advice in pdf format. Please note: Tick mark standing instruction while opening RD if your wish to auto debit the Recurring deposit amount every month.
Go to E-Deposit > Close RD / FD Accounts > Click “Close/Enquiry Standing Instruction” and delete standing instruction created while opening the RD, if Standing Instruction is not created then move on to the next step > Select the Deposit customer wants to break > Select the account in which customer want to credit the proceedings > Confirm the information > Submit. You have successfully closed the RD / FD for MB. Please Note: i) Tax Saver FD cannot be closed pre-maturely before completion of its five year tenure. ii) In case of pre-mature closure the penalty amount as per bank’s rules will apply. The Rate of Interest will be applicable as per the tenure of date of deposit to premature closure.
If during the opening of online TD/SPTDR/RD account, customer forgets to download the e-advice, he/she can download the same at a later stage and at any point of time. Kindly go to E-Deposit > Deposit History / Download > Go to the account for which customer wants to download the e-advice > Click on download > Your e-advice is saved in your phones “Download” folder.
Go to Enquiries > TDS Enquiry > Select Financial Year for which you want to make TDS enquiry > Check the details on the screen.
Go to Request > Cheque Book Request > Select Account number for which you wish to get Cheque Book > Click on Request. You will receive 25 pages cheque book for SB accounts and 50 pages cheque book for CA/CC/OD accounts on your registered communication address as submitted in bank’s CBS records.
If customer wish to see how many cheques has been cleared, stopped then this menu is useful. Go to Request > Cheque Status > Select Account Number for which customer with to check cheque status > Enter cheque number range to fix search criteria > Select cheque option for which customer wish to see the cheque status.
Customer can stop any issued cheque anytime from MB 2.0. In order to stop the cheque, go to Request > Set Stop on Cheque > Select Account number in which customer wish to set Stop > Enter cheque number or enter cheque range to stop cheque > Click submit and confirm. Your cheques are successfully stopped.
If the customer has stopped any cheque and he/she now wish to remove stop on cheque then the same can be done by performing these steps. Go to Request > Remove Stop on Cheque > Select account number in which you have stopped cheques > enter the cheque number or series to remove stop cheque > Click submit and Confirm. You have successfully removed stop on cheque.
If customer with to transfer the funds from one account to another account of own CIF on a specific date and a specific period then he can set standing instruction. Go to Request > Standing Instruction > Select the account number you want to debit > Select the account number customer want to credit > enter required details > Enter start date (must be later than today’s date) > Enter end date > Enter TPIN > Enter OTP > Click Submit. You have successfully created standing instruction.
Yes Customer can perform Positive Pay facility. Kindly click on Positive Pay, system will redirect customer to Google Play Store. Customer need to register on Positive Pay to take the benefits of the same.